Great movies to watch about Marijuana

We might start posting as individuals in the upcoming weeks. We’re planning a pretty cool project and will probably be documenting it here. In the meantime, I’ll post as myself here for the first time.

You can refer to me as Mr. Nuggets from now on and my posts will be signed as such. Due to the nature of the topic of our blog we prefer to keep our names out of it. As the other members of the group join up, they’ll introduce themselves. In any case I wanted to share a few movies you might like. Smoke a bowl and pop one of these into your video player, they’re all worth watching.

Super High me. Comedian Doug Benson, takes a 30 days to create a documentary ala Supersize me. What happens when Doug smokes for 30 days straight. This is a well made documentary in that it includes professionals and a very rigorous measuring system.

The Botany of Desire – Documentary about four plants that have changed the course of history, or have they changed the history of human kind? The point of view of this movie is refreshing and enlightening. Marijuana is one of the plants talked about.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. Excellent Documentary on how the Cannabis plant is an amazing plant. An honest look at the reality of the plant, growth systems, politics and myths. This is an important movie that taught even me, a long time smoker and fan of the plants a lot I didn’t know.

By the way, did you know? Cannabis Day is celebrated in Vancouver! Yes, I just saw it on the movie The Union, it would be cool if more places were like that. I  want to go to Weed Day in Vancouver – Cannabis day.

Mr. Nuggets


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