A member of the team has just joined. I’m so glad that I’m not going
to be the only one writing. Soon he’ll make is own introduction and
join up in here.

In other news, I checked up on the little baby and word is that I
think the root breakage I caused in transplanting it is causing some
serious damage. The plant hasn’t grown at all, the leaves you see
about to sprout on the previous pictures are, well still “sprouting.”
I’m almost ready to chalk this one up to a shitty experiment and go
back to the drawing board.

Fortunately, the next time around we’ll be doing a lot of planning and
research and we’ll do it right. I think rather than growing from seed,
we’ll be trying clones first. Cut out 3 – 4 weeks of bullshit time.

Catch you guys on the flipside.

Mr. Nuggets


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