Meeting of the minds

First there was one, then there were two and three and then it was
complete. Last night we had a great kick-off meeting. The four main
members of SeaOfGreen finally put their busy schedules together and
met to discuss the project.

As Mr. Digweed put it:
Fellows, we are going to grow Marijuana.

Eh, big surprise you say. That’s fine, who isn’t growing bud by now?
We don’t care we’re late to the pot party, we are just excited to get
started. The meeting went well and everybody got a chance to meet and
shoot the shit. We packed some of Digweed’s fine buds and got rollin.
– Actually I’m still a bit stoned as I type this… the next morning.

We reviewed a 10 part “How to Grow chronic” videos on Youtube by a guy
that looks like weed. This guy is pro and we already learned lots of
stuff we would have had to learn either 1, by reading forums and
guides, or 2, by learning our lesson the hard way. Here’s the video we
started with:

Absolutely this guy is pro, and he’s totally in character and focused
on the video. Also it was mentioned around that he might actually have
three balls –his voice is so deep. We also did some brief and quick
top-level research on prices for some of the equipment. Discussed
location, and method of growing.

After thinking that we’d go with soil, we think definitely a
hydroponic system would be better. The downsides to the hydro-system
seem to be that it is very very delicate. Variations in lightning,
watering, ventilation and feeding could make or break your grow. With
soil, I understand the plants are a little more forgiving. The simple
nature of delivering nutrients on the soil lends itself to slower
response time to changes. In the good side of using hydro, we have
potentially higher yields on a faster schedule and we’re all geeks in
our own right so hydro seems a lot more technical.

Initially we all had our own ideas of what we were doing. Being the
one that’s going to house the system for the first time around, I need
to be able to make the grow box/closet/space somewhat portable and
self contained. I have scale to consider and so we are bouncing ideas
about that. We are looking to make something around 4ft x 5ft x 6ft. I
think that’s plenty of room to grow 3 – 6 plants. I’ve seen people
grow 1 – 3 ounces each cycle on a super small space, like a computer
case. I figure if they can do that, we can triple, even quadruple that
cubic space and thus increase the yield as well.

As the media guy for this project, I also find the project to be
appealing because of its cool factor. How badass would it be to have a
totally portable system!? Plug it into the wall, plug in a dryer vent
pipe to the intake, plug in a dryer vent pipe to the outtake and bam!
you’re ready to grow. Easy to hide, easy to move, easy to maintain. I
am imagining that after the first successful harvest, we’ll scale up
to a closet size and then keep it up there. We’ll have the lessons
from actually doing things, we’d have learned about nuances and
gotchas while keeping a finite goal in mind. What are your thoughts on
this? Please comment or let me know on Twitter. I’d love to hear first
hand experiences of people that successfully grew in small spaces and
even better if you’ve done both, small and larger.

We all have the task of doing some independent research and share our
findings with the team. We’ve also designated somewhat, a field of
specialization for each of us. I will be the media guy, host to the
babies and somewhat guide of the project. Digweed will be doing the
research on nutrients, measurements, exact science and logging and
ultimately procuring the clones or seeds. Our other two members whom
haven’t yet intro’d themselves in here will be responsible for
electricity, construction and production of the box as well as
expertise on the hydro system.

I’ll keep this short and ask you to please subscribe to our blog,
we’re going to be posting really dope stuff soon, videos, pictures and
a log of how stuff is going.

Break it up, roll it up, smoke it up!

Mr. Nuggets

I’ll leave you with the bomb song.

Listen that drum! And watch the guy rockin out, he’s all into it fo’
sho he burned one down before comin on stage!


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