The Weekly Weed Webs

I wanted to share a few links with you. These will be great as we journey into our project.

First heard of them in Forbes Magazine (Nov 2003) Inc. Magazine, 2001 or 2002 there was a cool MJ leaf on the cover and a full feature on the booming industry around weed. These are the pioneer guys as far as growing for the masses goes. Advanced Nutrients. forums. Huge forum, great website and well I have to say that they guys that run it are smart because, well, they got before others and saw its potential. The forum now has over 90 thousand members, with about 10000 active members, forum posts have now passed 1.25 MILLION.

Comedian Joe Rogan has his own site where he talks about his schedule, random stuff and of course, bud! I found his blog via Twitter and his latest post “I like to smoke weed and workout” got my attention. I love getting high, then doing a workout. I do it all the time, Get high and go for a bike ride, or get high and go swimming. That shit’s the bomb… but more importantly it proves that not all stoner are lazy couch potatoes, in fact many of us do a lot of activity while enjoying the high.

Nugmag – All around magazine style site. Boatloads of articles and information ranging from cooking, to gardening, to activism and travel. Check out the buds on The Chronisseur section! Wow! Definitely a good site to keep around and check out regularly. They have great videos, I liked the one with Dr. Greenthum at Spring Gathering 2010 – Dr. Greenthumb is B Real from Cypress Hill (I think). Remember the song

A newcomer to the online scene, is this site, California Legalize Marijuana Information. Its really a repository of news about the topic and so far I found great articles that discuss the situation of legality in California. They started only in March and the site isn’t very original, but its a great source of concentrated news and articles about legalizing weed.

Mr. Nuggets
ps. We’ll be doing proper and formal reviews of sites in the upcoming days and weeks, if you’d like your site featured, drop us a note!

Hello My Name is Dr. Greenthumb.

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