I just tried the Incredibowl… yes it is.

Comments about the m420 Incredibowl

Oh man, that is some good stuff. Couple a very nice serving of MKUltra and this very cleverly designed pipe and you’re in for a hell of a ride. This is some good stuff, the way it burns its nice and it lets you milk it slowly and then get the rest of the smoke, in a motion much unlike the snap of a bowl and definitely exactly the opposite of a traditional pipe. That doesn’t even begin to explain it. It’s good. It’s awesome.

The first thing I noticed… no harshness. I can’t explain it. You see, I’m a man of reason I analyze things, sometimes overly so. And it doesn’t make much sense, but it works and its great. There is a chamber and the carb or hitter is actually a spring loaded sort of “open the flood gates” valve. It’s pretty cool and you get instabaked. The thing is that there doesn’t seem to be much more to it, it simply is a pipe (the chamber), and the valve which remains in “closed” until you pull it out. The herb goes into a small bowl in the front of the valve and that’s where you light it too.

So it’s cool, the smoke is great and the delivery is neat. But it doesn’t come without its flaws. Perhaps I need to read the manual or just smoke another bowl to get enlightement, but if you’re not careful, you can burn near the outer metal ring of the bowl and produce that nasty black smoke.

Another thing is that the bowl is facing exactly the opposite of your mouth, away from your face so you can’t tell what part you’re burning or anything, its a bit of an annoyance… not a huge deal but one of those little things that might bug me just enough to not buy one. But I’m not like you. I’m very picky when it comes to the delivery of the herb.

Should you buy one? Not sure. I sure would love to try the big ass demo one in one of their videos. Fuck that thing is huge. Couple that with a nice kush and That will send you into outer space for sure.

One thing to consider is how and why the pipe was developed. It is the first pipe specifically designed for the delivery of medical marijuana… in other words, it’s the first pipe made specifically for weed. No “made for tabacco” or some other herb, it’s designed to deliver “medicine” easily without straining your lungs and it also works in conserving the stuff. Check out this video for more info.


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