College Student Turns Drugs to Success

Go Tom Hiera!

the french dip

A recent college graduate and Milwaukee native recently decided to turn to drug dealing as a source of income after being turned down for multiple jobs because he did not have “seven internship experiences”.

“Drugs are a growing business,” UW-Milwaukee graduate Tom Hiera said.  “It’s kind of like a completely separate college from the college. I started doing drugs in college and now that I graduated I have enough experience to open my own shop.”

Hiera described the drug dealers that befriended him in college as a “better version of professionals” than his professors.

“We get to see them perform their profession in a very hands on style,” Hiera said.  “They aren’t just reading from a book or lecture slides.  They are teaching us the styles of business and how to get it done.”

Hiera is struggling to understand the criticisms by his family and friends regarding his new chosen…

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