So What are your Favorite Stoner Movies?

Let’s start a little list going on. Best Stoner Movies.

Dude, Where’s My Car.

This is a weird one, while not exactly an explicitly stoner movie, only a stoner would sit there and mess around with the drive-through lady. Dude WHERE is my car? 

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.

Classic Stoner flick. The story of Harold and Kumar ditching their duties and studies to get stoned and their journey to satisfy the munchies by going to White Castle burgers. The entire movie revolves around this fantastic journey. 

There are a couple of little easter eggs throughout the movie. Like when they’re just hanging out at home getting stoned, you hear about the cheetah that has escaped the zoo, then later gives them a ride. And White Castle is supposed to be just around the corner… right?

We’re not ending the night without White Castle tonight!


…animal semen.


Pineapple Express


How ridiculous is it to pull over to piss and then running into a random office worker peeing in the woods too. LOL. And then having a racoon climb the car without noticing it. haha. Love this.


American Beauty.

Unexpectedly a great stoner movie.

We’re The Millers.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure



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