Bud Review: Sour Sage

Picked up an an eighth of this at my goto spot after getting my recommendation.

I have a few other buds to review, but today is Sour Sage.

This is a mid-shelf flower and it’s pretty nice. It is very light on the aroma so it is pretty discrete. Great smooth high when smoked.

To try this out I used a small double bubbler and the flavor is pretty smooth, nothing too extreme. As the name implies, there’s a bit of a sour touch to this and it comes in the aroma and aftertaste.

Mostly a sativa strain, this will not couch-lock you. You will get a bit of a head rush and then a smooth high throughout before coming down. This is good to relieve stress, help with depression, PTSD and as a mood enhancer.

All in all, I think this is a great overall daily bud but I have a feeling it will be very easy to reach tolerance levels so keep it mixed. This is the first time I try Sour Sage and I expected it to remind me of Sour Diesel, but they are quite different.


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