SCQM Review – SoCal Quality Med Delivery

I’ve just recently obtained my recommendation card. I’m not sure if I wrote about it before. I got it a few months back and I have been testing out all the different meds around my area.

I’m glad to report on this awesome spot. Well, it is just delivery as far as I know but I thought I will tell you about it for a bit. I also have a video and some pictures of the meds. Really really great stuff.

So let’s roll it up and get to it.

My go to piece to test out new meds is a double chamber bubbler that is nice and compact but delivers as good or better than a 3 foot bong. But for this batch I was feeling a little bohemian so the hand pipe was called out.

SCQM always give you a little tiny goodie bag that comes with your order. You see some of the items that come in it in the video. Usually you get a little plastic toy, a tootsie roll, a metal screen, a cleaning stick, and a pack of matches.

I have a few little toy soldiers and a couple dinosaurs that came with different orders. Funny stuff.

I’ve bought two types of meds from SCQM. Top shelf and Private Reserve. The Private reserve stuff is a big step up from the top shelf. But the top shelf is really really good stuff.

SCQM is really good about their rewards program and they back it up with solid customer support and punctual delivery service. I’ve had three different drivers stop by and they are all courteous and friendly.

SCQM – Website

SCQM – Weedmaps

As you can see from the pictures and the video, their stuff is always good. I know you can only see it but believe me, it is as good or better than it looks.

I’ve had these strands from them: Sour Dream (in the video). Purple berries (in the video ground up). Their Green Crack is really nice and flaky, powdery.

OG Jack and Blue Dream are always good as the best. And I even tried a new one from them I had not even heard of before. Jupiter OG.

Every single one has been top notch. If you like quality bud, these guys have it. Consistently good for over $750.00 worth so far… If you can get them to deliver in your area, these could easily be your go-to guys.

One of the good things about them is that the tech on the phone always knows their stuff. They know what is good, what is fresh and they’ll give you great recommendations if you tell them what you’re looking for.

Another benefit from these guys is that they’ll work with you so you’re happy. I’ve gotten great deals from them even when I ask them to split one of their specials and stuff.


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