Key Lime Kush. Strand Review with Video

The moment Always Green OC delivery arrived I knew it was going to be a good day. I received three strands and this is the first I’ll tell you about.

As the bottle popped I was greeted with a subtle citrous scent. Very very mild, but distinct and reminiscent of fresh lemon zest. Or make that, keylime zest.

It is clear why this bundle of fruity delight gets the name, but as you dig deeper you will notice that the bud is tight and moist. Supple. Much like the fruit would be.

As I cracked it open a bit more of the fragrance came out and this time it reminded me of key lime pie at this time.

Little bit on the moist side for my taste but I broke off a nugget and ground it up then let it chill for 20 min or so. All was well!

When I hit it from the bubbler it was as smooth as the best. Went in nicely but didn’t taste like much.

I was surprised because of the strong smell, but it didn’t matter. I enjoyed a couple bowls of this.

The first gave me a tiny head rush then went mellow so I had to top it off with the second and I have been smoking it now for about 2 hours.

All the while I shot the video, edited, shot pictures and now as I write the review.

It’s not too strong, but it will do the trick and has definitely increased my focus for the past couple hours.

Weed Videos: Key lime kush Review

Would I order this? Definitely it is tasty, smells nice and takes care of business. What’s not to love here fellows?

Now as for Always Green OC, let me tell you that I’m blown away by their service so far. I’ll be doing a full review about them as well. But first, let me toke it up again, puff, puff pass.

You can see that it’s really nicely trimmed but hairy and full of crystals at the same time. If I let it dry a little longer and ground it up more I would collect some crazy amount of delicious kiefy magic dust.

But I’ll probably smoke it all before it gets a chance to dry. You know, next up Bluberry Kryp.

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2 thoughts on “Key Lime Kush. Strand Review with Video

    1. For sure Jay, you are welcome. I have about 7 more coming soon. Girl scout cookies that I’m trying out right now, along with the famous presidential. Oh man, good stuff coming. good stuff coming!

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