Cali Crusher Pollen Press

Man, oh man. Did I find my new favorite tool, or what!?

I call this a tool, not a gadget. A tool. A gadget is cool to have, it’s cutting edge and it can even be practical and functional but a tool is indispensable.

I received the Cali Crusher pollen press as a gift and my first reaction was WTF is this?

I looked it up, and then was like “oh, cool, another gadget”

Then I thought
“This is as good as a paper weight”

But I was so so wrong. Thanks to the special person that hooked me up with this for my birthday. Better come over soon to try some of that Presidential OG that Always Green OC dropped by the other day.

I now use the pollen press almost on a weekly basis. But instead of me telling you why and how I use it so much, why don’t you check out the results first. The Cali Crusher is pictured after, but here is what it does. Puff, puff, pass.

I have been able to pack a full eighth into just . It comes in very handy for easy transportation if you know what I mean.

But the reason I use it all the time is that I like to save a bit from some of the samples I get for review from the different dispensaries.

It’s intended to be a pollen crusher. Where you collect your pollen and kief and compact it into little tablets.

Then I use the Cali Crusher to pack ground up bud into tiny pellets. nto a tiny container and freeze them. Good as new if I want to compare two strains from different seasons or locations.

Or if I just run out of cannabis, or have friends over and want to have a bit of a tasting party.

But it’s just nice to pack it up into such a dense little tablet.

Here’s the beautiful thing pictured below:

So that’s it. It’s made out of aluminum and it’s built to last. The way it works is like this.

You close one of the sides off with one of the metal caps and you insert one of the black pieces in, like an egine piston.

Then you would put in whatever material you want to reduce into a pellet, then put the 2nd black piece in and close the cap off.

Then you start twisting until you can’t do it anymore. Depending on how moist it is, you’ll have different results.

One trick I can tell you right now is that if you want to do what I do, then let the pellet sit in the press for a while. Let the moisture dry up a little before you remove it.

The longer you leave it in there the longer it will retain its shape. If it’s too moist then the corners may start extending outward a little bit. I notice things like this but that maybe doesn’t matter to you.

Just let it sit there for a while, it will dry up a little and make it easier to remove as well. The Cali Crusher folks have another model that has a “T” handle to help you leverage your strength a bit more.

Depending on how much wrist strength you have, you may or may not need to get that one. I don’t think I would need it but would love to try out to see if I can get even more herb packed into the same small pellet.


2 thoughts on “Cali Crusher Pollen Press

    1. Honestly, the pellets are so compact you wouldn’t want to smoke them without breaking them apart. I doubt they’ll even burn. But I have taken small chunks and use that in the pipe and it definitely creates super thick smoke.

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