Governor of Rhode Island Endorsing Marijuana

This lady is awesome. #420 Awesome. I hope she actually becomes the Governor of Rhode Island. I would vote for her (so long as she actually has some management experience and knows what she is doing). Watch her video:

This is what she says about it:

Hi! I’m Anne Armstrong, and I’m going to be the next Governor of Rhode Island. Today, I’d like to clear up a number of important misconceptions about my video.

In order to treat serious diseases, the essential oils in the cannabis plant need to be extracted in a safe, efficient way. I made this video some time ago as a public service because it’s the safest way to take care of a sick family member in an emergency:

Smoking cannabis is beneficial for spiritual reasons, for quick relief from pain and nausea, or as an antidepressant or antispasmodic. But the real healing benefits of the cannabis plant are found when the essence is eaten or applied to the skin.


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