Blueberry Kryptonite Private Reserve – Strand Reviews

Always Green OC is perhaps the most understated dispensary in the area. They have been bringing me some of the best stuff I’ve had. Ever. That says a lot.

From Presidential OG, to a kick-ass Trainwreck, they have the goods. This time they dropped off about 1/4 of their amazing Blueberry Kryptonite, private reserve.

The owner tells me this is the second batch he procures, and just like the first one I tried a month or so ago, it didn’t disappoint.

Blueberry Kryptonite is a mostly sativa hybrid. The purple colors are crowned with frosty crystal tips and it is amazing. Probably one of my favorite strands.

This is what Always Green OC says about it and I have to agree…

This sativa dominant cannabis strain is purple in color with a frosty hue with strong blueberry smell. It has a large amount of trichromes and a THC content up to 25%. Capable of sending users into deep indica medicated state, the high can be almost immediate and long lasting.

You can check out Always Green OC on their own website and they currently serve the Orange County and surrounding areas.

The moment I opened the canister the first time and this time I was greeted with a punch of aromatic goodness. This literally smells like fresh baked blueberry muffins.

Take a whiff of this beauty and you’ll be taken back to memories of weekends with your favorite blueberry dessert and favorite drink. Or whatever. It’s good stuff.

The buds are so tightly packed that you’ll pass it off as any normal high-grade kind of cannabis. But once you crack it open to put into a grinder or your favorite smoking device you’ll see how it stands apart from the other stuff out there.

The colors go from emerald green and orange on the outside to a deep purple core. After you grind some and look at it you’ll see that the result is not green at all. It is almost all purple and this is just beautiful.

As you grind it you’ll release more of the aromatic bouquet so this is not a strand you want if you want to be discreet. The room will certainly take on the beautiful pleasant smell, ti dissipates quickly if you circulate some air.

I tried this on my double chamber bubbler and it’s smooth, tasty, and it does last quite a while even for someone with high tolerance like me.

If you are considering this, and you like what I have to say about it then order it. You won’t go wrong if you like strong, long lasting sativas.

You can get in touch with Always Green OC right here on their website, or you can give them a call at (714) 478-5558.

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