Cheez-Its Snack Mix Saves the Day at Disneyland

Today my buddies and I went to the Happiest place on Earth. Not only are we lucky to have one of the highest concentrations of dispensaries, shops and overall cannabis culture in the world.

But we are blessed to have Mickey and friends just few minutes down the street.

The only problem with Disneyland and marijuana is that they don’t mix. I haven’t explored that yet and I don’t intend to. I know that most of if not all public areas in Disneyland are monitored by camera and they have their own police department.

Some might suggest a vaporizer pen. But for me, vape pens are also out of the question at a place like this.

So I am left with no choice but to endure long lines of selfish little shits, inconsiderate parents with oversized strollers bumping into the back of your legs and hordes of people migrating from one area to another, like cattle… stinky, smelly, noisy cattle OR…

Or, I can be a happy go fucking lucky motherfucker blending right into the crowd because I just chowed down some delicious weed cheez-its and all is good. No anxiety, no irritability, just pure bliss.

Cheez-its with Weed. As yummy as they sound.
Cheez-its with Weed. As yummy as they sound.

Clearly I went for the second option. I gotta say that I am glad to have access to different types of medicine. This time, a small and discreete bag of what otherwise looks like Cheez-its saved the day.

Always Green OC brought this for me and Disneyland was a perfect testing ground. It was perfect. I ate about 4 of these as we were entering the parking lot and then my friends and I ate a few every 20 minutes or so. After about an hour we started feeling it.

We just had a little ziploc bag full of these and it looks like it’s a home packed snack. But this is how I serve them at home:

Weed Cheez Its serving suggestion for your next bud party.
Weed Cheez Its serving suggestion for your next bud party.

The buzz is very smooth and mellow. A bit of a creeper though. I would recommend that the first time you try these you stick to three to five first. Let them do their thing for about 30 to 40 minutes before you eat some more.

The effect will vary from person to person but even if you have a really high tolerance, these babies will help you relax and enjoy life a little more. You can order them from Always Green OC for $10 per bag or two for $15. So far they have Cheez Its and Chex mix with rumors of a spicy mix being added to their menu.


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