I’ve been Weed-free for a year.

Last year on May 5th, I stopped smoking weed. Since then, I’ve only smoked once.

Why did I stop?

For my stage in life, and at the moment I thought it was the right thing to do in order to help me address some aspects of my life that needed attention.

At some point, I was smoking about 3 grams each day, sometimes more. This was time-consuming, resource intensive and costly!

Was it hard?

Absolutely not. I actually attended a Marijuana Anonymous meeting and I felt totally out of place. But I realized something that I’ve felt for a long time. Marijuana addiction isn’t physical, it’s emotional.

Everybody at the meeting had emotional issues that superseded any physical addiction to weed. That included me.

After that one meeting, I stopped smoking. For a couple of says, I had a slight craving but I kept busy doing other things.


Do I miss it?

Yes, I miss the ritual of grinding the herb, packing a bowl, lighting up and taking a long drawn rip. But I think it was the right decision at the time and for the time being.

Will I smoke again?

Probably, but I would really like to do it occasionally instead of habitually. As of right now, I don’t even have a small pipe. I got rid of all my smoking devices and instruments, I had a dozen or more pipes, bongs, and other contraptions. All that I have left is the base for a Volcano vaporizer.

I think after May 5th, I will probably smoke a little more frequently with a friend and my brother in law. But nowhere nearly as frequent as I used to before. I think once or twice a month is a good amount for me if I had to say.


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