I’ve been Weed-free for a year.

Last year on May 5th, I stopped smoking weed. Since then, I've only smoked once. Why did I stop? For my stage in life, and at the moment I thought it was the right thing to do in order to help me address some aspects of my life that needed attention. At some point, I … Continue reading I’ve been Weed-free for a year.


Fuck you, Jeff Sessions.

I don't disclose my political ideologies here. It isn't the place. But after the long year 2016 of pretty much staying quiet, now that we're well into 2017 I must say one thing about the current administration. Fuck you, Jeff Sessions. Do you not understand that marijuana is nothing like any of the hard drugs … Continue reading Fuck you, Jeff Sessions.

What are the Highest CBD Strains?

The Recreational Life


Cannabis with high amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) is now available in a number of countries.

CBD is one of more than 60 chemical compounds found in marijuana, called cannabinoids.

But CBD stands out because it offers many medicinal benefits of the plant without any of the usual mind-altering effects. Recent studies have suggested that on its own CBD can lower anxiety, help control seizures and even reduce the size of some cancerous tumours.

By using strains that are high in CBD and low in THC, people living with illness are able to unlock the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without having the experience of being ‘high’. Because of this, breeders are now working on creating varieties of high-CBD cannabis to offer to patients.

Over the past few years, medicinal growers have developed two strains that have become well known for their elevated levels of CBD: Charlotte’s Web and Avidekel.

Charlotte’s Web…

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Legal vs Ethical

This is a must read for anyone interested in the progress we are experiencing with decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana. Great article.

Legalization for Cannabis Worldwide

Anyone who knows me or has read anything I wrote knows I’m a proponent of pot, though I am NOT a pot-head according to the traditional definition of the word. No Cheech and Chong-like activities from me!

10696213_10152283782781256_481274199477500203_n I always have and probably always will struggle with the notion of right and wrong as opposed to legal and illegal. I’m inclined to see the world largely in terms of black and white though experience and life have long ago taught me that there are an almost unlimited number of grey areas in all realities. As such, one of the areas I’ve struggled with is the legal and the ethical. Are they the same thing? Can I choose between them and stay out of jail? As an American, I know I have some options…democracy is a double edged sword and can be very advantageous when one is self-searching or destructive depending on what side you…

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Upcoming Reviews

I'm trying this "status update" thing on my blog. I just posted the latest strand review. But I have a lot to go through so stay tuned. I have more reviews coming. Also from Always Green OC, I have four edibles that are nothing short of amzing, Trainwreck, Fire OG, Presidential OG. Don't forget to … Continue reading Upcoming Reviews

Governor of Rhode Island Endorsing Marijuana

This lady is awesome. #420 Awesome. I hope she actually becomes the Governor of Rhode Island. I would vote for her (so long as she actually has some management experience and knows what she is doing). Watch her video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2tIxCXUaL0 This is what she says about it: Hi! I'm Anne Armstrong, and I'm going to … Continue reading Governor of Rhode Island Endorsing Marijuana