Cheez-Its Snack Mix Saves the Day at Disneyland

Today my buddies and I went to the Happiest place on Earth. Not only are we lucky to have one of the highest concentrations of dispensaries, shops and overall cannabis culture in the world. But we are blessed to have Mickey and friends just few minutes down the street. The only problem with Disneyland and … Continue reading Cheez-Its Snack Mix Saves the Day at Disneyland


Cali Crusher Pollen Press

Man, oh man. Did I find my new favorite tool, or what!? I call this a tool, not a gadget. A tool. A gadget is cool to have, it's cutting edge and it can even be practical and functional but a tool is indispensable. I received the Cali Crusher pollen press as a gift and … Continue reading Cali Crusher Pollen Press